Project Background

Partnering with a NHS Commissioning Support Unit we successfully bid and won the tender issued by a private healthcare and large metropolitan police force in the north west of England for a first of type Integrated Health and Liaison & Diversion (L&D) Service. As part of this project we managed the design and roll out of a bespoke Electronic Medcial Record (EMR) system for the healthcare professionals.

The service itself aimed at reducing reoffending and diverting people away from the criminal justice pathways into viable treatment and support paths for various vulnerabilities and social needs which were often the cause of why they offended in the first place. This included Alcohol and Substance Misuse Services, Mental Health Services, Financial Support, Accommodation Support, Veterans Services etc.

Phase 1

Deploy IT hardware, Summary Care Records and SystmOne to the nine Police Custody Suites in the force region to allow the Healthcare Professionals access to shared contemporaneous medical records for the patients, record contacts and interventions.

Phase 2

Delivery of a suite of L&D assessments in the EMR allowing the L&D staff to record their assessments. The vulnerabilities and needs of the patients are regularly flagged up by the Healthcare Professionals who in turn refer the patients onto the L&D team.

Phase 3

Delivery of a solution whereby the Community Rehabilitation Company could follow up and support patients identified and referred by the L&D staff.

Phase 4

Deployment of the IT solution to all of the courts in force region giving the L&D staff access to the Police Custody medical records and providing them with the ability to generate reports for the court staff recommending whether or not the detainee should be diverted away from the criminal justice pathway.

Project Overview

Project objective

To design and develop a medical record solution for an Integrated Health and L&D Service for the police force. The solution will be available to multiple agencies that will update the record contemporaneously. The system will be available to all custody suites and courts within the force area and also available to the Community Rehabilitation Company outside of the Criminal Justice System.

Project benefits

Listed below are the benefits gained from delivering this project.

  • Allowing all HCPs and L&D staff to have access to the NHS SCR at the initial point of healthcare assessments
  • Allowing all HCPs to have access to a shared electronic medical record system to make appropriate entries into patient’s records using bespoke data entry templates
  • Improve clinical safety and wellbeing
  • Improve the ability to securely communicate with other organisations to provide an integrated service across Police Custody, Courts and into the community sector
  • Improved Health and Justice outcomes for people detained in Police Custody


As the project is still in progress we are still awaiting outcomes for the project. If the current project proves to be successful, it is envisaged that further Police Forces will look to take on the same model of delivering positive criminal justice outcomes through delivery of Healthcare throughout the UK.